For us tree free paper is the holy grail of sustainable items. As humans we love putting pen to paper. We love printing things, crafting things, writing thoughts, plans and dreams. It has been our dream for a long time to work with truly sustainable and regenerative producers of paper made from recycled cotton lints and natural renewable fibers. You will love the way our paper takes up ink in both writing and print.

The paper of the future is here.

Our natural papers are made in both India in Europe. We can offer many styles, sheet heights, reels, different weights and colors. We can even provide printing services as well if you want sustainable business cards, sustainable stationary, sustainable wedding invitations, eco friendly resume paper, booklets, lose pages, notebooks, calendars and more! One day we hope to bring to the world regenerative toilet paper too!

Discover Renewable Paper today!

Specifications for paper is as follows: GSM (Gram per meter) typically 80-600 different partners offer different weights of paper. Handmade paper comes in 100,200, 300 and 400 GSM. Machine made bast fiber paper comes in 100-600 GSM. 100 GSM is a decent thickness for a page. 300 GSM is a great weight for a business card and 600 GSM is more than enough for sustainable packaging. We are also able to offer paper that is certified for printing that is in 80 and 280 GSM.

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