Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is the only way to go as far as cotton. To be clear we are not huge advocates of cotton but we do use it in some projects based on the requirements of the client. Much of the cotton grown on the planet is GMO. Much of the cotton grown on the planet also uses a lot of water and a lot of chemicals to grow it in a profitable way. We refuse to use non-organic cheap cotton for projects.

What do you use it for?

Cotton can be used in some projects if we need to blend it with canvas or linen to get the desired quality that we need. Cotton canvas because of "economy of scale" has a large price advantage over bast fiber materials and we have used cotton canvas to create shopping bags and other promotional items that would be cost prohibitive to make from canvas or linen.

Do you need something made from cotton?

We work with many responsible mills that deal with certified organic cotton and even recycled cotton. If we have to use it we are going to use it right!

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