Mother and Child

Ring slings and woven wraps have become an essential accessory for new moms. From being a necessity, they transformed it into a fashion statement. But with the fall of consumerism, unsustainable fabrics and abundance is out of style. At NMU our goal is to create baby and toddler products that not only look good, but will also withstand many kids. That will be good for newborns, but also bigger and heavier children. But also be as ecological, neutral to the skin and good for the planet as possible.

Meet the Marama Brand.

Marama was created by parents - Ania and Mike. Our daughter, a high need baby, quickly introduced us to the world of wrapping. She is two and still loves it! We connected my love for wraps with our passion for natural fibers - with which we have been working with for over a decade. Personalization:- color of rings in ring sling- stitching color- colors of wraps - we can dye them any color you like, with GOTS certified dyes- length- logo

Marama Wraps available for wholesale

We are happy to provide Marama branded wraps to you in your specifications. We offer full wraps in many dimensions and colors. We also offer ring slings which are quite popular for fast paced parents.

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