Hemp Wick

We are the only major producer of hemp wick in Europe. With over ten years of experience in the hemp wick industry we can wax what you need! Are you looking for custom made hemp wick that is white labeled for your brand? We have local print houses to print and cut the labels and purchase boxes for your hemp wick.

Looking for a different eco material?

We are able to wax any natural yarn with our proprietary waxing process.

This includes but isn't limited to:

Typically we use beeswax but if you want to use a different wax that might be an option.

In order to create your white label hemp wick we have a few steps that we will walk you through.

Determine the thickness of the yarn you want.

- How many feet or meters will the wick be?

- What wax to use?

- How waxy is the final product?

- What shape do you want the product in?

  1. Hand wrapped
  2. Ball
  3. Dispenser
  4. Other

- Do you need labeling?

- Do you need display packages?

- How many units per display?

- Do you want your product plastic wrapped?

- Will you need this sent on pallets?

Thank you for interest!. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like, please leave your country and phone number in the contact request as well.

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We ship globally and can produce up 1,000,000 feet of waxed yarn per month.

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