Flax is thought to actually originate in Europe. The mummies in Egypt were wrapped in linen cloth made from flax. Actually Linen comes from the Latin word for flax which is "linum". Humans have been producing linen cloth for well over 10,000 years. Linen is very similar in feel to canvas made from hemp. These materials have shows that they can actually slow the growth of bacteria and are very breathable.

Why Flax?

Flax is plentiful and has never been negatively regulated like hemp. Flax as mention has a long tradition with humans and humans are experts in making use of the flax fibers. Also linen fabrics were waterproofed with the oil from the flaxseed. This oil is also known as linseed oil. This gave sailors their famous yellowed coats.

Do you love linen?

While linen is not as drought resistant as hemp we love it anyways. If you want yarns, ropes, webbing, or fabrics made from linen let us know! You will love the way it makes you feel.

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