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Every product start with the design. We manufacture and design regenerative and sustainable plant products. Contact us and lets get on a call to talk about the options that you have to make your own plant based product. The world needs people like you! Our design process is very in depth.

What type of product are you looking for?

If your product going to be fabric based? Made of yarn? Rope? Maybe something from webbing? Maybe even an extruded bioplastic? The founder of the company is a geek and he loves new challenges. If we don't have something in our capability odds are we know someone that can!

We are sustainable experts.

Let us guide you through the process of product design and we will make you what you want and at the volumes you require. We have even been known to build custom machines by hand to make manufacturing process as efficient as possible. We have been trained in Six Sigma LEAN to really get in deep with the design of the manufacturing process and we have fun doing it.

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